Friday, April 17, 2009

Playlist 4/4/09-- 8-10 am Carter Van Pelt

Saturday, April 4, 2009
Carter 8-10 am
Interview with Bunny Brown

“When I fall in love” Writer- Ken Booth, Tamlans
“Feeling Soul” Writer Bob Andy, Tamlans
“Girl for all seasons” Tamlans
“Do your thing” Chosen Few
“Man’s temptation” Chosen few
“Shaft” Chosen Few
“Don’t Break Your Promise” Chosen Few
“Smiling Faces” Bunny Brown
“Tell Me” Bunny Brown

Playlist 3/28/09--8-10 am Carter Van Pelt

Carter Van Pelt
Playlist- 3/28
8-10 am

“Roots and Culture” Mikey Dreads
“Mr DJ” Earl Sixteen
“Fally Lover” Johnny Osbourne
“Rice and Peas” Roman Stewart
“Fire At Your Heels” Roman Stewart
“Hit Song” Roman Stewart
“Who Really Cares” Ken Boothe
“Keep De Boogie Goin” Hallie Maskel
“I’m Hurting Inside” Big Youth
“Heart Made Of Stone” Delano Stewart
“International Style” Sister Carol
“Izzy Man Schism” Paul Wayne
“Here’s To Love” Charmaine
“All Praises” Sister Carol
“My Savoir” Sister Carol
“Truth and Rights” K Vibes
“Move” K Vibes
“Bye Bye Rebel” K Vibes
“Dream of Hope” Paul Wayne
“Weed-o-rama” Sister Carol
“Clutch Back” Bushman
“Somewhere” Bushman
“This Ya Time” Bushman

Thursday, April 9, 2009

4/4/09 playlist Nick Stephens: 6-8 AM

1. “EST” The Skatalites
2. “World’s Fair” The Skatalites
3. “Nimble Foot Ska” Roland Alphonso and the Skatalites
4. “Exodus” The Skatalites
5. “Look Away Ska” Roland Alphonso
6. “Don Cosmic” Don Drummond
7. “Scambalena” Roland Alphonso
8. “Streets of Gold” The Skatalites
9. “A De Pon Dem” Rita Marley Anderson and the Wailers
10. “Black Sunday” The Skatalites
11. “Don’t Want Your Loving” Cornell Campbell
12. “Ocean’s 11” Cecil Lloyd and Roland Alphonso
13. “Over the River” the Jiving Juniors
14. “My Heaven” Alton Ellis And Eddie Parkins With Aubrey Adams And The Dewdroppers
15. “President Kennedy” Roland Alphonso
16. “(I’m the Song) My Enemies Song” Joe Higgs
17. “I Want Justice” Delroy Wilson
18. “When the Well Runs Dry” Bunny and Skitter
19. “Wheel and Turn” Frank Anderson (mento)
20. “Always on Sunday” Frank Anderson (mento)
21. “Sugar Bag” Lee “scratch” Perry
22. “Joker Lover” Triston Palma, Joker Lover LP
23. “Woman Go Home” Triston Palma, Joker Lover LP
24. “Jah Got the Handle” Sugar Minott and the Black Roots Players, Music for the Roots Lovers LP
25. “Panhandle Style” Sugar Minott and the Black Roots Players, Music for the Roots Lovers LP
26. “NO Peace” Max Romeo
27. “Blood of the Prophets Parts 1 and 2” Max Romeo
28. “Unconquered People” Israel Vibration, Unconquered People LP
29. ‘Possibility” Israel Vibration, Unconquered People LP
30. “Cleanliness is Godliness” Sylford Walker
31. “Do You Love my Music” Horace Andy
32. “Hey There Woman” Horace Andy
33. “Social Living” Burning Spear
34. “Come” Burning Spear

3/28/09 playlist: 6-8 AM

1. “EST” The Skatalites
2. “Ringo’s Theme (Version Two)” The Skatalites
3. “Ska La Parisienne” The Skatalites
4. “Dr. Kildare” The Skatalites
5. “Killer Diller” The Skatalites
6. “Naked City” The Skatalites
7. “Burial” Duke Reid and His Group
8. “Guns Fever” Derrick Morgan and the Baba Brooks Band
9. “Oh Little Girl (Take 2)” Lloyd and Glen
10. “Rough and Tough” Stranger Cole
11. “Nuclear Weapon” The Baba Brooks Band
12. “Silver Dollar” The Skatalites
13. “Watergate Rock” King Tubbys Meets Larry Marshall
14. “Thelma Dub” King Tubbys Meets Larry Marshall
15. “Up Waricka Hill” Augustus Pablo, Original Rockers lp
16. “Cassava Piece” Augustus Pablo, Original Rockers lp
17. “Tubby’s Dub Song” Augustus Pablo, Original Rockers lp
18. “TNT” The Revolutionaries, Reaction in Dub lp
19. “Peace” The Revolutionaries, Reaction in Dub lp
20. “Fire in Town” King Tubbys Meets Larry Marshall
21. “Is whey dey Money Dub” King Tubbys Meets Larry Marshall
22. “Cool this Dub” Tappa Zukie in Dub
23. “Jah Jah Dub” Tappa Zukie in Dub
24. “Judgement Dub” Tappa Zukie in Dub
25. “Dub is My Woman” King Tubbys Meets Larry Marshall
26. “Still in Pressure” King Tubbys Meets Larry Marshall
27. “Locks of Dub” king Tubbys Meets Larry Marshall
28. “Reaction Dub” The Revolutionaries, Reaction in Dub lp
29. “This Old Heart of Mine” Delroy Wilson
30. “I want to love You” Delroy Wilson
31. “Baby I Need Your Loving” Delroy Wilson on VP 45
32. “I’ve Tried my Best” Delroy Wilson
33. “Roots Natty Congo” Johnny Clarke on VP 45
34. “Run Run” Delroy Wilson
35. “Baby I Need Your Loving” Version Delroy Wilson on VP 45
36. “Chagga Chagga Warrior” Dave Robinson and the Diamonds
37. “Greedy Girl” Jah Stitch on Hot Shot! 45
38. “Chagga Version”
39. “Upside Down” Michael Prophet on Volcano 45
40. “No Peace” Meditations

EST playlist: 3/21/09 6-8 AM

1. Thoroughfare / Don Drummond and the Skatalites
2. Eastern Standard Time / The Skatalites
3. Magnificent Ska / Lynn Taitt and the Baba Brooks Band
4. It’s Real / The Silvertones
5. Strongman Sampson / Eric “Monty” Morris
6. Mr. Fire Coal Man / The Wailing Souls
7. Give a Helping Hand / The Gaylads
8. Things a come up to Bump / The Bassies
9. You Will Never Know / The Mad Lads
10. Happy Land / Carlton and the Shoes
11. Pitchy Patchy / Junior Byles
12. Ride on Dreadlocks / Linval Thompson
13. Chapter of Money / Prince Jammy
14. Darker Shade of Black / Jackie Mittoo
15. Roots Train / Junior Murvin
16. Wicked Tumbling Version / Glen Brown
17. Everybody Needs Money / Linval Thompson
18. Don’t Try to Rob I / Linval Thompson
19. Music Dub / Horace Andy and Prince Jammy
20. Dread Times / Oku and Ak7
21. Pressure Drop / Oku and AK7
22. Jah, Jah Go before Us / The Gladiators
23. Pick Up the Pieces / The Royals
24. Down Presser International / The Stingers
25. Consider Me / Jennifer Lara
26. No Bother / Angela Prince
27. I’m Just a Girl / Hortense Ellis
28. I’ll Give it to You / The Tonettes
29. Tell Me Now / Marcia Griffiths

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Playlist 3/14/09-- 8-10 am, Carter Van Pelt

“Send Another Moses” Lopez Walker, Phase One Records. 7 in
“Nati Supper” The Chantells, Children of Jah. CD
“Jah Jah Children” Horace Marten, Rootical Dubber. 7 in
“Africa Awaiting His Creators” Ewan Naptali, Rootical Dubber, 7 in
“Unity (Horace Martin)” Lawyer, Rootical Dubber, 7 in
“Live Not For Vanity (C.A. Palmer)” Clive Mattews, Rootical Dubber. 7 in
“Love Rasta” Gideon Jah Rubbaal, V.P Records, 7 in
“Rich Man” Gideon Jah Rubaal, Jah Rubaal, 12 in
“A Way With The Bad” Glen Brown and Gods children Band, South East Music Limited. 7 in
“No More Slavery” Glen Brown/God Son, Dwyer Records. 7 in
“Island Fever (M. Williams)” Zap-Pow, Wham-Pac, 7 in
“Sweet Talking” Leroy and the Sound Dimensions, CoxSone Records, 7 in
“Feel Alright” Tyrone Evens ft. The Paragons, Bullwackie. 12 in “The Paragons Return”
“I Believe In Love” Tyrone Evans, Clocktower Records. 12 in
“Crazy World” Tyrone Evans, Park Heights Records. 12 in “Son of A Gun”
“Out Of My Life” Frankie Paul, Ranking Joe Universal. 7 in
“Jah Bible” Hugh Griffiths, UJAMA. 7 in
“I’m Ready” Anthony Johnson, Rusty International. 12 in “I’m Ready (Showcase Style)”
“Back Off” Johnny Osbourne, Thompson Sound. 12 in
“Back Off” Al Cambell, Taxi. 12 in
“Waiting Rudie” Gregory Isaacs, African Museum. 7 in
“Same Thing Happen Everyday” Ranking Dread, Art and Craft. 12 in
“That’s Life” Delano Stewart, Stay A Little Bit Longer…And Longer Still. CD

Playlist 3/14/09-- 6-8 am, Dorothy Kadar

“No Peace” Max Romeo
“A quarter pound of I’cense” Max Romeo
“Lady Lady” Cynty and Monkees
“Ungrateful Set” The Versatilles
“Ungrateful Skank” The Upsetters
“Lambs Bread” Sylford Walker
“Get Together” Keith Poppin
“Spider To The Fly” Big Youth
“Deuteronomy” Sylford Walker
“King Tubby’s Answer” Scientist
“No Dub Island” Scientist
“(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don’t Want To Be Right” Alton Ellis
“Words Of The Ghetto” Johnny Osbourne
“Man Of Jehovah” Johnny Osbourne
“Slave Master” Gregory Isaacs
“Storm” Gregory Isaacs
“Blazing Horns (extended)” Tommy McCook
“My Whole World” Bim Sherman
“Love Forever” Bim Sherman
“Yagga Yagga (You’ll Suffer)” Dennis Brown
“Money In My Pockets (1973)” Dennis Brown
“Wolf And Leopards/ Step On The Dragon” Dennis Brown
“I Need Your Loving” Slim Smith
“Rascal Man” Delroy Wilson
“Blood And Fire” Niney
“Here I Come” Dennis Brown
“Fire And Brimstone A Go Burn The Wicked” Johnny Clarke
“Top Ranking (I’m The Toughest)” Johnny Clarke
“In The Roots Of The Ghetto” Johnny Clarke
“Children Of Jah- Time to Unite” The Chantells and U Brown

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Playlist 3/7/09— 8:25-10:00 am, Guest DJs Rebel Dawtas

Donna Rootsie and Natty
Honoring Women’s History Month

Sam Cooke “Change Gonna Come”
Jennifer Lara “Change Gonna Come”
Phyllis Dylan “Woman in the Ghetto”
Jennifer Lara “Consider Me”
Hortense Ellis “Superstar”
Jennifer Lara “Tell Me Where”
Shari Emanuel “Refuge”
Cynthia Schloss “No Brother No Cry
Denise Darlington “War Na Right”
Rita Marley “Harambe”
Angela Prince “No Fuss No Fight”
I Threes “Many Are Called”
Marcia Griffiths “Steppin out of Babylon”
Deborah Keys “Travelin”
Black Uhurus “Sponji Reggae”
Third World “African Woman”
Peter Tosh “Mamma Africa”
Gregory Isaacs “Native Woman”
Edi Fitzroy “African Queen”
John Holt “Ghetto Queen”
Nigga Kojack and Liza “Black Skin”
Eric Monty Morris “Cinderella”
Erroll Dunkley “Black Cinderella”
Linval Thompson “Black Princess Lady”
Tarrus Riley “She’s Royal”
Warrior King “Virtuous Woman”
Fannton Mojah “Feel The Pain”
Sizzila “Somewhere Ohoh”
Sizzila “Black Woman And Child”
K Vibes “Frenemies”
Rob Simmion “King Of The Challace”
Rob Simmion “Words of My Mouth”

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Playlist 2/28/09-- 8:30-10:00 am, Nick Stephens

1.) “Left With A Broken Heart” George Nooks
2.) “Don’t cut off your dread locks” Linval Thompson
3.) “A King Version” Linval Thompson
4.) “Jah Jah Is Your Conqueror” Linval Thompson
5.) “Inah Jah Children” Dhaima
6.) “Su Su Pon Rasta/ Heavy Manners” Dolphin “Naggo” Morris & Prince Far I
7.) “Funeral” Prince Alla
8.) “Jah Golden Pen” Sylford Walker
9.) “Stay A Little Longer” Linval Thompson
10.) “Jumping For Joy” Linval Thompson
11.) “I’m Still In Love You” Marcia Aitken
12.) “Loving Pauper/ Judgment Time” Ruddy Thomas & Trinity
13.) “Just Like A River” The Mighty Diamonds
14.) “Babylon Trap Them” The Meditations
15.) “Don’t Fight Your Brother (a.k.a Hooligan)" John Holt
16.) “Badness No Pay” Leroy Smart
17.) “Eastman Skank” Dillinger
18.) “Natty Dread Girl (a.k.a Big, Big Girl)" Linval Thompson & The Aggrovators
19.) “Natty Dread Dub” Linval Thompson & The Aggrovators
20.) “Money, Money” Linval Thompson & The Revolutionaries

Playlist 2/28/09---6-8:30 AM, Nick Stephens

Playlist 2/28/09

1. Eastern Standard Time / The Skatalites
2. Rain a Fall / Prince Far I / Under Heavy Manners LP
3. Big Fight / Prince Far I / Under Heavy Manners
4. Suru-Lere Dub / Prince Far I / Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Part II LP
5. Ananmbra Dub / Prince Far I / Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Part II
6. Kaduna Dub / Prince Far I / Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Part II
7. You I Love and Not Another / Prince Far I / Under Heavy Manners
8. Young Generation / Prince Far I / Under Heavy Manners
9. Oyo Dub / Prince Far I / Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Part II
10. Borno Dub / Prince Far I / Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Part II
11. Shine Eye Gal / Prince Far I / Under Heavy Manners
12. Guidance Dub / King Tubby and Friends / Dub Like Dirt
13. Chapter of Money / King Tubby and Friends / Dub Like Dirt
14. Bag a Wire Dub / King Tubby and Friends / Dub Like Dirt
15. Johnny Man / Dub Specialist / Dub
16. Can’t Find Dub / Dub Specialist / Dub
17. Still Version / Dub Specialist / Dub
18. Dub Ites Green and Gold / King Tubby / Dub Like Dirt
19. Love of a Dub / King Tubby / Dub Like Dirt
20. Tell Me Baby / Delano Stewart
21. Tell Me Inst. AKA One Look, AKA Wild and Free / Roland Alphonso and the Gaysetters
22. The Gardener / Julian ‘Judy Mowatt’
23. Missing You / Ken Boothe
24. They Talk About Love / Pat Kelly
25. Look Over Your Shoulder / Derrick Harriott
26. We Got Love / Freddie McGregor / Zion Chant
27. Mr. Big Man / Junior Reid
28. Jah Help Us / Barrington Levy
29. Chant it Down / Freddie McGregor
30. Chant it Dub / Freddie McGregor
31. Give a Little / Dennis Brown
32. They Can’t Stop Me / Johnny Clarke
33. Rasta Have Faith / Freddie McGregor
34. Sweet Africa / Don Carlos
35. War / Wailing Souls and Ranking Trevor
36. Babylon Too Rough / Gregory Isaacs
37. Cool Out Son / Junior Murvin
38. Jungle Feelings / The Meditations
39. Tell Me Baby / Delano Stewart
40. Give Me A Chance / Delano Stewart
41. Boz Rock / Prince Far I / Under Heavy Manners
42. Show Me Mine Enemy / Prince Far I / Under Heavy Manners
43. Woman Is Like a Shadow / The Meditations
44. Nice Time / The Meditations
45. No Competition / Freddie McGregor

Saturday, February 21, 2009


1. Wednesday, Feb. 25, 2009: Take Back Reggae Music: A Panel Discussion and Reception

2. Thursday, Feb. 26, 2009: In Search of the Lost Riddim: Jamaican Jazz Fusion

3. Saturday, Feb. 28, 2009: Bring Out The Sound System--The West Indian Roots of Hip Hop:

4. March 4, 2009: Could Dancehall be the ruination of reggae and by extension the Jamaica brand? A Community Forum:

Carter Van Pelt playlist 2/21/2009 8-10 a.m.

I-Roy “Welding” Well Charged 7-inch
I-Roy “Every Little Thing” Revolutionary Sounds (Germain) 7-inch
I-Roy “Universal Natty” Well Charged 7-inch
I-Roy “Natty Down Deh” Pioneer 7-inch
I-Roy “Uganda Situation” Revolutionary Sounds (Germain) 7-inch
Ranking Trevor “Savanalamor Rock” Socialist Roots 7-inch
Ranking Trevor “Ain’t Nobody Else” Reality Hits 7-inch
Errol Scorcher “1980 Style” Scorcher LP- “Roach in a De Corner”
Jah Ruby “Friend And Company” Creole (Afrik) LP- “Dread Affairs”
Jon Holt & Unknown DJ “Rainy Night in Georgia” Justice 12-inch
Jah Thomas “Pauline” Steppers 7-inch
Josie Wales “Maxine” Corner Stone LP- “No Wey No Better Than Yard”
Big Joe “Natty Dread Don’t Bow” Burning Sounds 7- inch
Ossie Dellimore “To The Limit” Skank Records CD- “Freedom’s Journal”
Ossie Dellimore “Hold On Tight” Unreleased Track CD-R
Rob Symeon “Chosen One” Red Bud 7-inch
Rob Symeon “Chosen Dub” Red Bud 7-inch
Twinkle Brothers “Don’t Let Us Have To Suffer” Twinkle 7-inch
Twinkle Brothers “Short Term Thrills” Twinkle 7-inch
Twinkle Brothers “I’ll Give It To Jah” Twinkle 7-inch
Ossie Dellimore “Restless Soul” Unreleased Track CD-R
Shaggy “Bad Man Don’t Cry” Big Yard 7-inch
Romaine Virgo “Can’t Sleep” Penthouse 7-inch

Playlist 2/21/09 6-8 AM, Nick Stephens

EST playlist: 2/21/09

6-8 AM

1. Eastern Standard Time / The Skatalites
2. Oh Little Girl (Take 2) / Lloyd and Glen
3. Get Your Feet Moving / Eric “Monty” Morris
4. Only Suffering / Funny Man and the Boys
5. Storm Warning / Lynn Taitt and his Comets
6. Get On The Ball / Roy Shirley
7. Music Field / Roy Shirley
8. This Life Makes Me Wonder / Delroy Wilson
9. Put Yourself In My Place / Delroy Wilson
10. The Facts of Life / The Uniques (Roy Shirley)
11. Girlie / Roy Shirley
12. Undying Love / Ernest Wilson
13. Ting a Ling / The Heptones
14. Me and You / Carlton and the Shoes
15. Mad Mad / Alton Ellis
16. Drum Song / Devon “Soul” Russell
17. Africa / The Gaylads
18. Fattie Fattie / The Heptones
19. Wherever I Lay My Hat / Delroy Wilson
20. That’s Life / Delroy Wilson
21. Facts of Life / Big Youth
22. Power Version / Dennis Alcapone
23. Hold Me Baby / Basil Daley
24. Natty Kung Fu / Dillinger
25. Natty B.S.C. (a.k.a. Teeth and Tongue)
26. Show Us the Way / Hell and Fire
27. Street Doctor / Prince Francis
28. Every Man a me Brethren / Brigadier Jerry
29. Why Can’t I Touch You / John Holt
30. I’ll Never Hurt You / Delroy Wilson
31. Back Whey / The Mighty Diamonds
32. In Time to Come / Earth and Stone
33. Natty Kung Fu / Dillinger

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Playlist: 1/31/2009

Playlist: 1/31/09

6-8 AM

1. Eastern Standard Time / The Skatalites
2. Scandal Ska / Skatalites
3. Occupation / Skatalites
4. Old Rocking Chair / Skatalites
5. Third Man Ska / Skatalites
6. Thoroughfare / Don Drummond and the Skatalites
7. Magnificent Ska / Lynn Traitt and the Baba Brooks Band
8. It’s Real / The Silvertones
9. Strongman Sampson / Eric “Monty” Morris
10. Alley Cat Ska / Treasure Isle All Stars
11. When You Are Wrong / The Techniques
12. Carry Go, Bring Home / Justin Hinds and the Dominoes
13. Come Bail Me / Justin Hinds and the Dominoes
14. Turn Them Back / Justin Hinds and the Dominoes
15. Ringo’s Theme Ska / Skatalites
16. Nimrod / Skatalites
17. Woman a Come ft. Margarita / Skatalites
18. The View ft. Jackie Opel and Doreen Schaffer / Schaffer
19. My Mama Told Me / Justin Hinds and the Dominoes
20. The Little You Have / Justin Hinds and the Dominoes
21. No Good Rudie / J.H. and the Dominoes
22. Keep on Dubbing / Augustus Pablo / King Tubby’s Meets Rockers Uptown
23. Stop Them Jah / A. Pablo / same as previous
24. Young Generation Dub / A. Pablo / same
25. Rockers Meets King Tubby in a Fire House / A. Pablo
26. Short Man Dub / A. Pablo
27. Each One Dub / A. Pablo
28. Zion is a Home / A. Pablo / Rockers Meets King Tubby in a Fire House
29. Dub in a Mathews Lane Arena / A. Pablo / same as above
30. Concrete Jungle Dub / The Wailers / The Wailers Dub Marley
31. Soul Rebel Dub / Same as above
32. Get Up, Stand Up / same as above
33. Ethiopian Version / King Tubby and Soul Syndicate
34. Leaving Babylon Dub / same as above
35. Dub the Right Way / same as above
36. Salty Dub / same
37. Seaview Corner Rocking / same
38. So many things Dub / Sugar Minott / Ghetto-ology + Dub

Play list: 1/24/09

Playlist 1/24/09: 6-8 AM

1. Christine Keeler / The Skatalites
2. Eastern Standard Time / The Skatalites
3. World’s Fair ft. Stranger Cole and Ken Boothe / The Skatalites
4. I Should Have Known Better / The Skatalites
5. Rockfort Rock / Sound Dimension
6. Knockout Punch / Don Drummond
7. Magic / Rico Rodriguez, Roland Alphonso and Dizzy Moore
8. Hot Cargo / The Skatalites
9. Black Sunday / Skatalites
10. Time Marches On / Derrick Morgan and Naomi
11. Full Up / Sound Dimension
12. Foul Play / Dottie and Bunny
13. Melody Jamboree / Don Drummond and the Baba Brooks Band
14. Sailing Along / Skatalites
15. Man May Go, Man May Come / The Duke Reid Group
16. Dick Tracy / Skatalites
17. Hanging Tree / Skatalites
18. Cool Smoke / Don Drummond
19. What Makes Honey / The Duke Reid Group
20. My Pussy / Stranger Cole
21. How Soon / Tommy McCook and the Supersonics
(Below, in honor of Pres. Obama’s inauguration)
22. Message from a Black Man / Derrick Harriott
23. Black and Proud / I Roy
24. Arise Black Man / Peter Tosh
25. Equal Rights / Dennis Brown
26. Black on Black / The Heptones
27. Black Liberation / Dennis Brown
28. Is it because I’m Black / Ken Boothe
29. Am I Black Enough / The Chosen Few
30. Black Man Time / I Roy
31. Black Man’s World / Alton Ellis
32. Proud to be Black / Frankie Jones and Tapper Zukie
33. Young Gifted and Black / The Heptones
34. Message from a Blackman / The Heptones
35. Na Na Hey Hey / The Pioneers
36. Born to be Black / Tapper Zukie and The Musical Intimidators
37. Fire Burning / Bob Andy
38. In Diss Ya Tine / Ronnie Davis
39. Ethiopia / Cedric Brooks

Playlist 10/4/2008

8-10 AM

Song title / Artist / Album

1. Brutal Out Deh / The Itals / Brutal Out Deh
2. Herbs Pirate / The Itals / Brutal Out Deh
3. Nice Time / BM and the Wailers / Fy-ah Fy-ah
4. Gonna get you / BM and the Wailers / Fy-ah Fy-ah
5. Baby I love you so / Jacob Miller / The Reggae Box box set
6. Broadway Jungle / Toots and Maytals / Reggae Box
7. Confucius / Skatalites / Reggae Box
8. Yaho / The Jays
9. Fighting Against Conviction / Bunny Wailer / Blackheart Man
10. Book of Rules / The Heptones / Reggae Box
11. Steppin Razor / BM and the Wailers / Fy-ah Fy-ah
12. Milk and Honey / Dennis Brown
13. Mother banner / Justin Hinds and the Dominoes / Ska Uprising
14. Rub up push up / Justin Hinds and the Dominoes / Ska Uprising
15. Try me / Justin Hinds and the Dominoes / Ska Uprising
16. Oh lord, why lord / Horace Andy / Mr. Bassie
17. Jah Jah dub / Israel Vibration / Israel Dub
18. Licks and Kicks dubwise / Israel Vibration / Israel Dub
19. The Same Dub / Israel Vibration / Israel Dub
20. Red, Gold and Green / Hugh Mundell / Mundell
21. Hog and goat / Don Carlos / Day to Day living
22. I Like it / Don Carlos / Day to Day living
23. My Conversation / The Uniques / Reggae Box
24. Rivers of Babylon / The Melodians / Reggae Box
25. The Game Black / Lee “Scratch” Perry / Scratch Came Scratch Saw Scratch Conquered
26. Only Jah Jah Dub / Augustus Pablo / Eastman Dub
27. Eastman Dub / Augustus Pablo / Eastman Dub
28. Green Light / Dub Specialist / Dub
29. Banana Walk / Dub Specialist / Dub
30. Jah Jah / The Gladiators / Studio 1 singles
31. Boy in long pants / The Gladiators / Studio 1 Singles
32. Marcus Garvey / Burning Spear / Reggae Box
33. Don’t Trouble Trouble / Johnny Clarke / Reggae Box
34. Keep on Moving / BM and the Wailers / Best of the Jad Years: 1967-1970