Sunday, March 15, 2009

Playlist 3/14/09-- 8-10 am, Carter Van Pelt

“Send Another Moses” Lopez Walker, Phase One Records. 7 in
“Nati Supper” The Chantells, Children of Jah. CD
“Jah Jah Children” Horace Marten, Rootical Dubber. 7 in
“Africa Awaiting His Creators” Ewan Naptali, Rootical Dubber, 7 in
“Unity (Horace Martin)” Lawyer, Rootical Dubber, 7 in
“Live Not For Vanity (C.A. Palmer)” Clive Mattews, Rootical Dubber. 7 in
“Love Rasta” Gideon Jah Rubbaal, V.P Records, 7 in
“Rich Man” Gideon Jah Rubaal, Jah Rubaal, 12 in
“A Way With The Bad” Glen Brown and Gods children Band, South East Music Limited. 7 in
“No More Slavery” Glen Brown/God Son, Dwyer Records. 7 in
“Island Fever (M. Williams)” Zap-Pow, Wham-Pac, 7 in
“Sweet Talking” Leroy and the Sound Dimensions, CoxSone Records, 7 in
“Feel Alright” Tyrone Evens ft. The Paragons, Bullwackie. 12 in “The Paragons Return”
“I Believe In Love” Tyrone Evans, Clocktower Records. 12 in
“Crazy World” Tyrone Evans, Park Heights Records. 12 in “Son of A Gun”
“Out Of My Life” Frankie Paul, Ranking Joe Universal. 7 in
“Jah Bible” Hugh Griffiths, UJAMA. 7 in
“I’m Ready” Anthony Johnson, Rusty International. 12 in “I’m Ready (Showcase Style)”
“Back Off” Johnny Osbourne, Thompson Sound. 12 in
“Back Off” Al Cambell, Taxi. 12 in
“Waiting Rudie” Gregory Isaacs, African Museum. 7 in
“Same Thing Happen Everyday” Ranking Dread, Art and Craft. 12 in
“That’s Life” Delano Stewart, Stay A Little Bit Longer…And Longer Still. CD

Playlist 3/14/09-- 6-8 am, Dorothy Kadar

“No Peace” Max Romeo
“A quarter pound of I’cense” Max Romeo
“Lady Lady” Cynty and Monkees
“Ungrateful Set” The Versatilles
“Ungrateful Skank” The Upsetters
“Lambs Bread” Sylford Walker
“Get Together” Keith Poppin
“Spider To The Fly” Big Youth
“Deuteronomy” Sylford Walker
“King Tubby’s Answer” Scientist
“No Dub Island” Scientist
“(If Loving You Is Wrong) I Don’t Want To Be Right” Alton Ellis
“Words Of The Ghetto” Johnny Osbourne
“Man Of Jehovah” Johnny Osbourne
“Slave Master” Gregory Isaacs
“Storm” Gregory Isaacs
“Blazing Horns (extended)” Tommy McCook
“My Whole World” Bim Sherman
“Love Forever” Bim Sherman
“Yagga Yagga (You’ll Suffer)” Dennis Brown
“Money In My Pockets (1973)” Dennis Brown
“Wolf And Leopards/ Step On The Dragon” Dennis Brown
“I Need Your Loving” Slim Smith
“Rascal Man” Delroy Wilson
“Blood And Fire” Niney
“Here I Come” Dennis Brown
“Fire And Brimstone A Go Burn The Wicked” Johnny Clarke
“Top Ranking (I’m The Toughest)” Johnny Clarke
“In The Roots Of The Ghetto” Johnny Clarke
“Children Of Jah- Time to Unite” The Chantells and U Brown

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Playlist 3/7/09— 8:25-10:00 am, Guest DJs Rebel Dawtas

Donna Rootsie and Natty
Honoring Women’s History Month

Sam Cooke “Change Gonna Come”
Jennifer Lara “Change Gonna Come”
Phyllis Dylan “Woman in the Ghetto”
Jennifer Lara “Consider Me”
Hortense Ellis “Superstar”
Jennifer Lara “Tell Me Where”
Shari Emanuel “Refuge”
Cynthia Schloss “No Brother No Cry
Denise Darlington “War Na Right”
Rita Marley “Harambe”
Angela Prince “No Fuss No Fight”
I Threes “Many Are Called”
Marcia Griffiths “Steppin out of Babylon”
Deborah Keys “Travelin”
Black Uhurus “Sponji Reggae”
Third World “African Woman”
Peter Tosh “Mamma Africa”
Gregory Isaacs “Native Woman”
Edi Fitzroy “African Queen”
John Holt “Ghetto Queen”
Nigga Kojack and Liza “Black Skin”
Eric Monty Morris “Cinderella”
Erroll Dunkley “Black Cinderella”
Linval Thompson “Black Princess Lady”
Tarrus Riley “She’s Royal”
Warrior King “Virtuous Woman”
Fannton Mojah “Feel The Pain”
Sizzila “Somewhere Ohoh”
Sizzila “Black Woman And Child”
K Vibes “Frenemies”
Rob Simmion “King Of The Challace”
Rob Simmion “Words of My Mouth”

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Playlist 2/28/09-- 8:30-10:00 am, Nick Stephens

1.) “Left With A Broken Heart” George Nooks
2.) “Don’t cut off your dread locks” Linval Thompson
3.) “A King Version” Linval Thompson
4.) “Jah Jah Is Your Conqueror” Linval Thompson
5.) “Inah Jah Children” Dhaima
6.) “Su Su Pon Rasta/ Heavy Manners” Dolphin “Naggo” Morris & Prince Far I
7.) “Funeral” Prince Alla
8.) “Jah Golden Pen” Sylford Walker
9.) “Stay A Little Longer” Linval Thompson
10.) “Jumping For Joy” Linval Thompson
11.) “I’m Still In Love You” Marcia Aitken
12.) “Loving Pauper/ Judgment Time” Ruddy Thomas & Trinity
13.) “Just Like A River” The Mighty Diamonds
14.) “Babylon Trap Them” The Meditations
15.) “Don’t Fight Your Brother (a.k.a Hooligan)" John Holt
16.) “Badness No Pay” Leroy Smart
17.) “Eastman Skank” Dillinger
18.) “Natty Dread Girl (a.k.a Big, Big Girl)" Linval Thompson & The Aggrovators
19.) “Natty Dread Dub” Linval Thompson & The Aggrovators
20.) “Money, Money” Linval Thompson & The Revolutionaries

Playlist 2/28/09---6-8:30 AM, Nick Stephens

Playlist 2/28/09

1. Eastern Standard Time / The Skatalites
2. Rain a Fall / Prince Far I / Under Heavy Manners LP
3. Big Fight / Prince Far I / Under Heavy Manners
4. Suru-Lere Dub / Prince Far I / Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Part II LP
5. Ananmbra Dub / Prince Far I / Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Part II
6. Kaduna Dub / Prince Far I / Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Part II
7. You I Love and Not Another / Prince Far I / Under Heavy Manners
8. Young Generation / Prince Far I / Under Heavy Manners
9. Oyo Dub / Prince Far I / Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Part II
10. Borno Dub / Prince Far I / Cry Tuff Dub Encounter Part II
11. Shine Eye Gal / Prince Far I / Under Heavy Manners
12. Guidance Dub / King Tubby and Friends / Dub Like Dirt
13. Chapter of Money / King Tubby and Friends / Dub Like Dirt
14. Bag a Wire Dub / King Tubby and Friends / Dub Like Dirt
15. Johnny Man / Dub Specialist / Dub
16. Can’t Find Dub / Dub Specialist / Dub
17. Still Version / Dub Specialist / Dub
18. Dub Ites Green and Gold / King Tubby / Dub Like Dirt
19. Love of a Dub / King Tubby / Dub Like Dirt
20. Tell Me Baby / Delano Stewart
21. Tell Me Inst. AKA One Look, AKA Wild and Free / Roland Alphonso and the Gaysetters
22. The Gardener / Julian ‘Judy Mowatt’
23. Missing You / Ken Boothe
24. They Talk About Love / Pat Kelly
25. Look Over Your Shoulder / Derrick Harriott
26. We Got Love / Freddie McGregor / Zion Chant
27. Mr. Big Man / Junior Reid
28. Jah Help Us / Barrington Levy
29. Chant it Down / Freddie McGregor
30. Chant it Dub / Freddie McGregor
31. Give a Little / Dennis Brown
32. They Can’t Stop Me / Johnny Clarke
33. Rasta Have Faith / Freddie McGregor
34. Sweet Africa / Don Carlos
35. War / Wailing Souls and Ranking Trevor
36. Babylon Too Rough / Gregory Isaacs
37. Cool Out Son / Junior Murvin
38. Jungle Feelings / The Meditations
39. Tell Me Baby / Delano Stewart
40. Give Me A Chance / Delano Stewart
41. Boz Rock / Prince Far I / Under Heavy Manners
42. Show Me Mine Enemy / Prince Far I / Under Heavy Manners
43. Woman Is Like a Shadow / The Meditations
44. Nice Time / The Meditations
45. No Competition / Freddie McGregor