Saturday, February 21, 2009

Carter Van Pelt playlist 2/21/2009 8-10 a.m.

I-Roy “Welding” Well Charged 7-inch
I-Roy “Every Little Thing” Revolutionary Sounds (Germain) 7-inch
I-Roy “Universal Natty” Well Charged 7-inch
I-Roy “Natty Down Deh” Pioneer 7-inch
I-Roy “Uganda Situation” Revolutionary Sounds (Germain) 7-inch
Ranking Trevor “Savanalamor Rock” Socialist Roots 7-inch
Ranking Trevor “Ain’t Nobody Else” Reality Hits 7-inch
Errol Scorcher “1980 Style” Scorcher LP- “Roach in a De Corner”
Jah Ruby “Friend And Company” Creole (Afrik) LP- “Dread Affairs”
Jon Holt & Unknown DJ “Rainy Night in Georgia” Justice 12-inch
Jah Thomas “Pauline” Steppers 7-inch
Josie Wales “Maxine” Corner Stone LP- “No Wey No Better Than Yard”
Big Joe “Natty Dread Don’t Bow” Burning Sounds 7- inch
Ossie Dellimore “To The Limit” Skank Records CD- “Freedom’s Journal”
Ossie Dellimore “Hold On Tight” Unreleased Track CD-R
Rob Symeon “Chosen One” Red Bud 7-inch
Rob Symeon “Chosen Dub” Red Bud 7-inch
Twinkle Brothers “Don’t Let Us Have To Suffer” Twinkle 7-inch
Twinkle Brothers “Short Term Thrills” Twinkle 7-inch
Twinkle Brothers “I’ll Give It To Jah” Twinkle 7-inch
Ossie Dellimore “Restless Soul” Unreleased Track CD-R
Shaggy “Bad Man Don’t Cry” Big Yard 7-inch
Romaine Virgo “Can’t Sleep” Penthouse 7-inch

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