Sunday, March 15, 2009

Playlist 3/14/09-- 8-10 am, Carter Van Pelt

“Send Another Moses” Lopez Walker, Phase One Records. 7 in
“Nati Supper” The Chantells, Children of Jah. CD
“Jah Jah Children” Horace Marten, Rootical Dubber. 7 in
“Africa Awaiting His Creators” Ewan Naptali, Rootical Dubber, 7 in
“Unity (Horace Martin)” Lawyer, Rootical Dubber, 7 in
“Live Not For Vanity (C.A. Palmer)” Clive Mattews, Rootical Dubber. 7 in
“Love Rasta” Gideon Jah Rubbaal, V.P Records, 7 in
“Rich Man” Gideon Jah Rubaal, Jah Rubaal, 12 in
“A Way With The Bad” Glen Brown and Gods children Band, South East Music Limited. 7 in
“No More Slavery” Glen Brown/God Son, Dwyer Records. 7 in
“Island Fever (M. Williams)” Zap-Pow, Wham-Pac, 7 in
“Sweet Talking” Leroy and the Sound Dimensions, CoxSone Records, 7 in
“Feel Alright” Tyrone Evens ft. The Paragons, Bullwackie. 12 in “The Paragons Return”
“I Believe In Love” Tyrone Evans, Clocktower Records. 12 in
“Crazy World” Tyrone Evans, Park Heights Records. 12 in “Son of A Gun”
“Out Of My Life” Frankie Paul, Ranking Joe Universal. 7 in
“Jah Bible” Hugh Griffiths, UJAMA. 7 in
“I’m Ready” Anthony Johnson, Rusty International. 12 in “I’m Ready (Showcase Style)”
“Back Off” Johnny Osbourne, Thompson Sound. 12 in
“Back Off” Al Cambell, Taxi. 12 in
“Waiting Rudie” Gregory Isaacs, African Museum. 7 in
“Same Thing Happen Everyday” Ranking Dread, Art and Craft. 12 in
“That’s Life” Delano Stewart, Stay A Little Bit Longer…And Longer Still. CD

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